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NEW AKARI Culture Creation Base “Forest of Light” Koizumi Lighting R&D Center

Koizumi Lighting, which has been seeking for “Exploring Way of Light”, aims for a more optimal lighting environment based on the concept of “Forest of Light”. A new base for creating AKARI culture, Koizumi Lighting R&D Center was born.

It is an office space that achieves both CO2 saving and improvement of intellectual productivity, which was adopted as a leading business for sustainable buildings in national support projects.

It is also a research and development facility that specializes in LED and has introduced the latest test equipment complying with IEC international standards.

In addition, we will strive to coexist with the surrounding environment and create innovative products while reducing the load on the environment.

Please look forward to Koizumi Lighting, which will create the next AKARI by synchronizing soft and hard at a high level.

R&D Centre